Master of Fine Arts, Columbia College Chicago, Interdisciplinary Arts, Book and Paper Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Photography & German Literature
Certificate in Art History, Philipps-Universität, Marburg, Germany

Selected Exhibitions
2023    Spilled Milk, Mana Contemporary Chicago
2023    No Place Like Home, Schingeothe Center, Aurora University
2020    Art In Place, Terrain Exhibitions, North Branch Chicago River
2020    Process and Material, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL
2018    The Art of Being Dangerous, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL
2018    Welcome Blanket, Museum of Design Atlanta, Atlanta, GA
2017    Welcome Blanket, Smart Museum of Art, Chicago, IL
2014    Refresh, Werkspace, Chicago, IL
2014    From the Heart, Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts, Cedarburg, WI
2013    Power Down, Pixel Study, The Bakery Gallery, Davenport, IA
2012    Hybrid, Center for Green Technology, Chicago, IL
2011    Natural Cycles: Sustainability in the Book and Paper Arts, Ryerson Woods Gallery, Deerfield, IL
2010    Wunderbar, Logsdon 1909, Chicago, IL
2010    A Retrospective, Vespine Gallery, Chicago, IL
2009    Broke, Contemporary Art Center of Peoria, Peoria, IL
2009    About Time, Center for Book and Paper Arts, Chicago, IL
2009    Lines and Landscapes, Vespine, Chicago, IL
2009    Superstition, Logsdon 1909, Chicago, IL
2008    Photography in Book Arts and the Book in Photography, Harrisonburg, VA
2008    Because There Is This Briefest Moment, Vespine Gallery, Chicago, IL
2008    Enter Into Circulation: An Alternative Library, The Finch Gallery, Chicago, IL
2007    Wanderlust, Lanza Studio, Chicago, IL
2007    A Few Things You Should Know, Vespine Gallery, Chicago, IL
2005    Safe Harbor: Books in Boxes, Bayview Book Arts Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
2005    New Editions Books: Old, Newand Digital, O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, CA
2004    Liminal, Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL
2000    Them, Institute of Visual Art, Milwaukee, WI
2000    In This Body, Walker’s Point Center for the Arts, Milwaukee, WI 

Permanent Collections
Columbia College Chicago, Center for Book and Paper Arts
Golda Meir Library, Special Collections at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
The Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection, School of the Art Institute Chicago
Minnesota Center for Book Arts
Special Collections at the University of Iowa Libraries  

Awards | Residencies
Roger Brown Artist Residency, New Buffalo, MI
Hyde Park Art Center, Center Program
Center for Book and Paper Arts, Artist-In-Residence
Aiko residency grant (Switzerland, Austria and Germany)
Chicago Community Arts Assistance Program (CAAP) grant

WERKS spring 2018: International Contemporary Art Magazine (Volume 1)

School of the Art Institute Chicago, Contemporary Practices and Undergraduate Division

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