Artist Statement

In my work, I absorb my surroundings while conducting a constant exploration of wordplay and definitions. From consumed topics such as: my daily digital life, vulnerability, and neighborhood histories; each study allows for me to develop a new space for the viewer to consider. Working interdisciplinary allows for me to challenge the viewer in their space. I cross from a shared spaced into an intimate space—from installation to the book to new media. My work begins with a moment had, a phrase said, or a task taken to create new narratives. I gather and reference the textures and topography that surround myself as I test my research through process with fibers, papermaking, and installation. The laborious actions and collaborations to create my details intertwine with my research as I take a moment had, or phrases heard, and combine them with histories and data. A community audience is mandatory in my work and research. I seek to make a small change, to fuel a discussion, and to bring lost stories to attention. Thread is a common medium throughout my work. It is a drawing tool to bind each layer or a structural element to build an installation. The delicacy and strength of thread holds meaning as a domestic material that I challenge in process and strength. Whether in the confines of a loom, frame, a book, or an installation space, I seek to construct artificial spaces for the viewer to discover new narratives.

Copyright 2014 Jill Lanza

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